Sunday, 21 December 2014

The ME Time Tag

I do like this tag..its fun and me being way too curious its fun way how to find out more about someone :)
1. What do you like to watch or read during me-time?
I always end up on YouTube and browsing vids there, other as that I quite like Supernatural, Big bang Theory. But if I wants to relax I read book. I enjoy empty and peaceful house :) 

2. What do you wear during me-time?
I normally wear pj around the house, make up free and hair messy... looking like idiot but its comfy :)

 3. What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
None! Only thing what I using is shower gel and body lotion. Giving rest to my face and body. 

4. Current favourite nail polish?
I currently using Forever yummy from Essie. I wear red nails all year around. This color really is really pretty. 

 5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?
COFFEE! I am coffee addict, have one in the morning when I wake up and few more during the day :)

6. Current favourite candle?
That is hard!!! well I love all of them but have to be ginger bread from one unknown company. Yankee Candles are classic, cannot be without them.

 7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Yes, I have dog so I cannot avoid it. Plus I do like walking. Other as shopping counts like outdoor me time?:)

8. Would you ever go and watch a film alone?
YES! Did it few times, and I cannot see anything wrong about it. End of the day when you go to cinema you don't talk with your companion anyways :)
9. Favourite online shop?
To be honest I don't like online shopping, I like to be out and check shops, stop in Starbucks, watch people ( I know I am weird) :D and have all this at once. Its relaxing 

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
Have to be blanket, fluffy cosy socks, my laptop and phone.... and junk food... mainly take away like Chinese. Just to do what its feel right or don't do anything  :) Its me time so I don't have rules ;)

                                                        Loads of love
                                                        Xxx Kat xxX

The Christmas Tag

I saw this post on so many blogs and as Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I'd give it a try. Plus I would like to share piccy of my Christmas tree :)

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
It has to be 'Love Actually'  and Harry Potter- I know its not really Christmassy but I do love it :)

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
When I was little it was Christmas Eve but my work will not let me or my bf celebrate xmas till Christmas evening. So guess this year will be around 8pm

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I cannot pick one moment. I loved all Christmas, watching all day movies, fun with my family and messing around with my sis

4. Favourite festive food?
Christmas dinner and Christmas sweets :) ( well I regret all of it by January when I have to go to gym tho )

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
I really can't think of one that I would be able to say its my favorite. I love all gifts, but prefer to give presents :)I am always nervous when family watching me to unwrap presents..sounds weird I know :D

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
Anything with cinnamon :) and ginger bread

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
 My family always go to Midnight mass in the evening. And we usually eat so much food that we cannot move for days. But how I mention we celebrate on Christmas Eve

8. What tops your tree?
Gold star this year. But we usually buying each year something new.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
Not extravagant but I always wanted that plastic kitchen where you can play to be a chef.
Or Massive Barbie House :D 

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
I would like to say family but I live abroad and see them usually in January. I spend Christmas working and with my other half. Have to when we get home after work and have nice food, presents and cuddles on sofa watching some Christmas movie.

I tag anyone who hasn't done this tag yet - I'd love to see your responses.

Loads of love
Xxx Kat xxX

Monday, 15 December 2014

Bored..Broken ankle/wanna do YouTube

Me being clumsy and idiotic I managed to brake my ankle. Especially before xmas is not a great time to be stuck home. NOT FUN...all my friends going out and having amazing time.
I feeling like an sofa bug. Being lazy is okay for little bit but not for longer period of the time.

On positive site, I have loads of time to catch up on blogs, YouTube. I have been thinking if I should start do vids but feel like I am not even close to be ready. I am worried about comments and people being be real-loads of them are. And I am not professional or anything close. i just like to blabber about my thoughts.
I wanted to do Primark Haul some time back but wasn't sure if its okay. I did record that vid and everything. Its just wasn't really great. Not next to other girls.

Well maybe I will do it one day. Who knows. True is its really makes me wonder and wanted to try it :)
What about you all? Hope your xmas being better as mine... tho sofa isn't that bad all the time :D

Friday, 28 November 2014

little things makes you happy

That what my mum said when I was teenager and I didn't really take notice of it. Older I get more I agree. Last 5 years what I am in UK I learnt to appreciate simple stuff. When you are at strange place, with ppl who you don't really understand ( I had very basic English ) its hard to feel positive. First two weeks were nightmare. I remember I was at Tesco one day and lady behind that counter was really patience and helped me with smile and generally looks like she was happy to help. It was massive change for me.
I started appreciate things what was free and cost nothing. Like smile, nice behavior, and who ever tells me English ppl are boring I just shake my head. As they are not. They offer so much and strangely don't want anything in return. They were kind enough to accept me and help me. I cannot imagine better place for living as here. I love everything about it, but mainly people. Smile and being polite does not cost a penny but can make such a different in someone live. Trust me I know.

Of course I like to buy nice things but I know its just stuff. I have amazing friends here, who are like my second family. I met my boyfriend who was patience enough to help me with my English ( even if he saying he prefer time when I cannot win a argument ;) )

but mainly I am so blessed with what I have. I have amazing life...not saying perfect, nothing is. Plus perfect would be boring. I learning from my mistakes and I know if I have really shitty day ... tomorrow will be different.
Only thing what I do miss a lot is my family. I know my mum and dad are happy I am here and that I am happy.... but times like Christmas are difficult for me. Bitter sweet feelings.
Sooo If I make grammar mistakes and sometimes blabber about silly stuff, please forgive me. I learn every day and trying to be always better version of myself.

  loads of love 
Xxx Kat xxX

Thursday, 27 November 2014


I don't know how rest of you, but November is month when I am really not in mood. First of all I have bday ( and getting older is not fun from age 25) secondary getting stroppy about xmas and presents. In few days I have to go to do my xmas tree looks like broom. So for once I will have xmas tree up by start of December.

But good points- I do love Christmas decoration, lights everywhere, candles and all festive stuff. Think mine will be up by this Sunday :) I will post some pics later on. But I am sure most of the bloggers will have same idea. Not saying my is special but I like it :)

Question is :ITS TOO EARLY TO FEEL FESTIVE? Thinking i have to look like idiot to slowly doing decor and everything for xmas. But come on...primark section for xmas is adorable. I have already like 3 sets of pjs, candles, some lights and another stuff. Still in bad next to my make up table.

Another thing...why they keep playing 10 Christmas songs in radio? I am sure we have many of them out there, but they choose just few selected ones and I getting really quickly annoyed by them. I know its hits etc but mix them up a little its a good idea no?

Don't take me wrong I do love xmas, I love that smell of food, mulled wine, watching xmas movies and all that. I am just feeling that I am only one who stress a little ;) But shopping for my other half is a nightmare. as his answer for everything is ,, its up to you babe,, or ,,surprise me,, what I hate most :) I will think about something like every year. Least my family give me wish list... I do always buy some little bits and bobs on site but main presents I know its something what they want :)

If anyone having idea for nice decorations and where to go please let me know

                                                            load of love
                                                           Xxx Kat xxX

Monday, 17 November 2014

I am not patience...

I have been in ikea recently. I love that place. Seriously i could spend hours there :) well usually I do as its no way I leaving without checking everything..and I mean everything ;)that's a fun bit-shopping. 
After coming part with getting home and building stuff. That's where I getting angry :) especially Ikea love theirs manuals. Last time I was building wardrobe I was really stroppy and childish :) ikea manuals are like instructions for ,,how to build something what is not possible to built,, they have loads of screws with description A,B,C etc and they look same ;) 
Well what I mean is I am not good in waiting or do stuff what are not easy to do. Every member of my family is so calm and easy with all this stuff. When I do it those particular pieces flying from window :) on other hand I am way too stubborn to ask for help :D so it's magic circle ;)
And sentences like chill out makes me more stroppy :) my other half learn to leave me alone when I do those particular stuff.. But again even when he offer he will do it I will not let him as I want to build it. With saying if this woman from my work done it-I will do it...And after hour or so screws flying from window or stairs and i going like idiot to pick them up :) I am not easy to live with if I think about it ;)
But i love that place.. Seriously I do. It's good thing that I don't have ikea close. Traveling hour is good distance for my bank account :) planning to go there before Xmas once again. When I stop complaining about this time and how I had to build something;)
                        Loads of love 
                         Xxx Kat xxX

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

SOMETIMES I want to kill my other half...

No seriously, what is wrong with guys? Theirs brains its not working how they should?Or I didn't cracked that mysterious code for theirs language?  Specifically my other half ( don't want to say better half )... time to time I think I live with teenager or even kid. Conversation about any serious topics are pain. He got stroppy, offensive and take everything what I say in wrong way.
Its so frustrating..usually I have to sort everything out anyways. He will be happy in the living room playing xbox.

When I ask him to do something.. I get answers ,,I was working all day, seriously? can we leave it when we are off?,,    and when he is off answer is ,, its my day off, come on,,
so what is left? holidays? 

Its just me who finds those creatures highly annoying sometimes? around me all girls are soooo positives, never moan about theirs bf or husband. All ideal...its some secret institutions where they sending theirs partners?? if yes give me address asap 

as in my relationship I wanna shake him sometimes! Its like tea bags.... English ppl just love their tea-fair enough. But I keep finding them around all kitchen just not in the bin. 
I working same amount of hours well maybe pattern of woman taking care of the house its not really great. Like equal partners its sharing..what is pain to explain. As word hoover is like swearing word.

I have to keep him some points, he cooking often, and clean kitchen ( accept those bloody tea bags) and if I ask he will do it. But do I have to ask every time?

Recently we went to visit lost and he was refusing to ask for direction. :D 

Yeah I guess its pretty clear I am little bit mad on my other half atm..but hey who is not ( obviously not my work colleagues) but I am sure out there have to be some girl who having same little problems like me :)

                                                                        Load of love 
                                                                        Xxx Kat xxX

Sunday, 9 November 2014

my make up bag essentials

With my job, I do sleep at hotel once or twice per week. I had to learn to have basic stuff with me, what is include make up as well. But I don't want to compromised quality as I do wear it all day long but I don't want to carry massive luggage with me.
Here is few stuff what I cannot live without 
Bourjois volume 1 second mascara

                                                        Urban Decay Basic palette 
                                                       Gosh BB Cream - shade 02 Beige
                                                  Unfortunately I don't know that shade :(
                                                     Gosh natural blush - Rose Whisper
                                                 Make up Revolution Bronze Matte Bronzed
                                              Rimmel Glam'eyes Professional Liquid Liner
I always carry spare earrings with me as I somehow always end up with one ;)

What is your make up essenials?:)
   Loads of love 
Xxx Kat xxX

Saturday, 8 November 2014

yep I am lazy moo...:)

Hello all,

well I wasn't around much.. and its no explanation for it as me being lazy.So I will not even try to find some excuses :)
I just been a stalker. Checked all other ppl profiles, YouTube and have weird pleasure from it. Did like thousands notes with I wanna buy that, I will get this and that :) Its like imaginary shopping list. I do love this time tho..I like to wear hats and be all comfy. :) Everyone have to love Primark winter collection. Going there today. Just need more socks and I will end up with more clothes once again :)

Trust me I have to stop this autumn mood. Its not okay to snuggled up with blanket and be on my sofa most of the day :) Much as I like it I need to do something. I will blame Primark Pjs and blankets..they are soo freeky comfy... especially those fluffy ones :)

Well on other hand..i have new phone :) Iphone 6 and its my baby. Totally in love with it. I taking it with me everywhere :)

Finally bought naked pallet ( yes I am slowly in trend what I should have) :) and I have to admit its pretty amazing. So me saying ,,i don't need it,, year ago was again some my recession as I am being difficult :) 

I becoming slowly brunette... as I am way to lazy to get my ass to hairdresser..and I do actually like my ombre atm. I am naturally light brown so its not really aggressive and massive change. 
But I do like that all natural look. But who knows.. maybe I will change it soon 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

new job, new life

I was extremely busy last two weeks. Got a new job and I had hard time to keep up with stuff.
Hate being new :DI don't know how things should be, asking all the time and I am the new one!! Everyone watching me with little suspicion in their eyes :) After two weeks still feeling like outsider but its getting better. I love that job, only minus about it its take  me hour to get there. Two hours journey per day isn't ideal :)

I trying to balance personal life with work but its soooo hard. Trying to fit friends and my other half. But he is busy as well so its not that hard. If I knew he is home I would be maybe little bit upset.
Plus cant wait for wage as I love new autumn collection in H&M and Primark. I will do separate post about haul. As I know myself I will buy a lot :)

Only thing what I cannot get used to it, is I have to wear skirt at work. I am not really heals girl, so its fun to try not look like idiot or fall over :)

Hope you all well and I will try to upload more often as I will have more time hopefully :)

Loads of love
Xxx Kat xxX

Saturday, 23 August 2014

2 in relationship, 2 native languages


Love is love end of the day, but ... if you ever dated foreign person, they you will understand 

We are together almost 5 years now. I don’t have problem to win verbal fight anymore, or express myself exactly how I want to. But I do still learn English, every day I trying to get little bit better.  He is sweet, kind guy.. but god help me sometimes. When he turn and say ,, it was that song when we was kids,, or something like that. My favorite is ,, come on! even kid know that,, He is English and I am Czech. I want to stay in Uk, I don’t planning to go back there, don’t take me wrong. I adore everything about England. But we would never be able to agree on Christmas ( sorry guys I grow up to have xmas different day), or we would hardly share our love/hate to stuff from when we were kids. All those differences have positives tho, I make him laugh when I telling him stories how I had it when I was little and opposite.. he is still fascinated by fact I was born to communism so loads of stuff wasn't around me.  ( oranges and bananas was rare-and I know it sound silly) BUT  I had different stuff what he never had. I would not change a thing as those experiences made me who I am now.

But blimey me, when we started to date :D that was hard, I cannot explain stuff, I had to ask what is that what is this.. he was angel seriously J  Language made me soo mad! During some minor argument I pronounced something wrong-ish and he start laugh or just stop with awww.. That’s made me even more angry J But we got here, living together, still happy ( well if we not arguing about some silly stuff like socks) and I could not imagine my life differently. I was so close to give up. I was unhappy, felt like I will never speak English.
Its funny to watch my mum and Jon, they don’t speak same language. But somehow they always manage to pass the message. Mum using pen and paper for drawing J and jon showing things. Its like messed up karaoke/ charades J  

7 years ago I would never think I will meet my other half ( don’t want say better as its not true ;) ) abroad. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Lazy Friday-home/shop/home outfit

First of all that was perfect lazy day! I know I wasn't productive and drink way too much coffee as I possibly should. But has been easy going day :) I needed to re-charge my batteries so badly. I had been moody, tired, I did over react ... I know its normal, I am just human being after all but I don't like to be like that. I usually have my emotion under control. 
I didn't have that chilled out day for really long time. I done literally nothing.. well I did few things but one what I loved. Mainly I was just lazy, sleeping till midday and had book/sofa day. I manage to get to town for a bit to do little bit of shopping. I really don't need more necklaces  ;) its cannot hurt to have few more. ( my other half doesn't really agree on that )

I got that pink jumper as well :) I know its nuts :D But its funny. Not everything have to be always perfect :)
But seriously amount of the time I was in bed or on sofa is unreal. I had my pjs all day and tbh I am in love with that pattern. I know its not sexy home wear, but I prefer comfy most of the time. 
I found brilliant charity shop where there selling amazing books for nothing. I got some and already had 2 of them out of the way. I had to slow down with reading otherwise I will need bigger place for living as to fit books in my place now starting be slightly difficult. I DO LOVE BOOKS! still don't understand how someone can prefer electronic version and not real thing !!! Over all that was perfect lazy day! I know I wasn't productive and drink way too much coffee as I possibly should. But has been easy going day :)

Loads of love 

Xxx Kat xxX

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Get to know me tag

I was thinking about some tag when I can say few stuff about me, but found two different and really don't want to put them in one. As second one is really long and more focus on beauty. this one is more likely short introduction :)
1. Are you named after anyone? yep, after my grandmother sister I think. Well someone from my family line. 
2. When was the last time you cried? I don’t normally cry that much… But If I am not mistaken last time was when I watch some movie. 
3. Do you have kids? No!!!
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Yeah! I am easy going and love to have friends around me. Everyone who loves coffee and share food have special place in my heart ;)
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Umm… Yeah I def do, maybe little too much. But again just with ppl who I know. Not everyone react well to sarcasm. 
6. Will you ever bungee-jump?Nope as I am pussy. Its seems way to dangerous for me. I know I am boring :D
7. What’s your favorite cereal? I don't eat cereals :) I will have yogurt or pancakes :)))
8. What’s the first thing you notice about people?Eyes and smile. If its guy I check hands ( don't ask me why, I know its weird). Whole look tbh, how clothes, hair, body language working together. But going with my gut. Main thing is charisma and personality!! Its not really first impression but without those two it would be hard for me to even want to get to know you.
9. What is your eye colour? Blue/grey
10. Scary movie or happy endings? BOTH :) I love horrors and I love intellectuals films. Lately I started to watch independent movies. I am more book kind of the girl tho.
11. Favorite smells? DKNY red delicious 
12. Summer or winter? I don't mind. When summer finish I have enough hot days and want little bit of snow and opposite :) Prefer time in between, not to hot but not freezing either 
13. Computer or television? computer when I am alone, tv when its more of us. 
14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? pfff Russia I guess. I was just little so I remember little here and there. 
15. Do you have any special talents? annoying ppl?:D no just joking. Drawing I guess. I never think about that tbh. Maybe I am not that special after all ;)
16. Where were you born? Prague ( Czech Republic)
17. What are your hobbies? compulsively shopping, learning new things, reading, DIY, spending time with friends and family ( as I live far away from my home I enjoy every minute of that)
18. Do you have any pets? yeeee :) my beloved doggie 

19. Favorite movie? wow thats hard, its changing by my age, but most favourite what I love past 7 years is amelie from montmartre. I adore it, so sweet and funny. 

20. Do you have any siblings? Yes… two sisters and one bro :) love them to bits, but time to time we want to kill each other :) 
21. What do you want to be when you grow up? Unicorn would be my first option ;) I wanna be happy. Thats main thing what I aiming for :)
Not sure how much you know me after that :)
                                                              Xxx Kat xxX

Friday, 15 August 2014

Small minded ppl

I am not sure if I am only one who has this problem but...! Recently I had conversation with someone who was very opinionated about everything! That it's just one way of how to do things, one way of thinking and anything outside this box it's simply wrong. 
It's drive me nuts! End of the day everyone is different and everybody have right to have opinion and have voice to say what is this and that. It's not correct to have just one way how to see world! 
My mum always told me, do not try to argue with someone who think that world is black and white! 
And I always do ;) 
Ppl have different needs and dreams, if you wanna have farm and 4 donkies and chicken, then fair play as long as you are happy!
So benefits of the doubt it's important! 
And becouse that person doesn't like this or prefer something else doesn't mean it's bad! It's fresh air, I always loved to meet original ppl who has passion for something, and doesn't matter what is it. I am not perfect, make mistakes and learn all the time! And no one should put anyone down cos of some rules what should be follow! 
Thumbs up to anybody who has dignity and no needs to be cruel and mean!

Hope all of you are good 

     Loads of love 
                 Xxx Kat xxX

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Banksy, Coffee and decisions.. I need a advice

I had busy few weeks..job hunting, still working, dealing with family and my obsession with shopping is becoming way too much for 24 hours. But I did enjoy most of it. I finally getting in stages when I will decide what job I will take. And I have problem to choose. One is perfect-I love every aspect of it. Its like been paid for your hobby BUT paying is not that great and long hours. Or take good pay job with easy little boring job. 
Plus I start thinking I am seriously addicted to coffee. Found myself in little coffee shop and was happy to buy 16 different kinds of coffee. Not that happy when I was paying them off but they are worst it :)
I could easily stay in that arty coffee place. Its kind of the place where you will loose track of time, have a good book or chat with your friends. Service is nice and smooth and no screaming kids around ( no offence to them ) 
I visit little place where they selling art stuff, and I fall in love with one Canvas. Of course I had to have it. 
Well next week I have to do some more shopping (as my place is still in renovating progress) so how I know myself I will visit that arty place again. I will try not to forget pics.

I will have to loose those hearts and that middle pic, but I am pleased with those pics.

Loads of love 
Xxx Kat xxX

Friday, 1 August 2014

5 things I love

I wanted to do tag ,, 5 things I hate,, but this one seems more like me. I am easy going, childish, stubborn and I constantly make idiot out of myself :) that's reason why.

I cannot imagine my day without it. It's first thing in the morning. My bf learn very quickly that I need my cup before I start function. I have different style, taste for different occasion- and take it my coffee love very seriously ;)

If I have day off and I am not lazy I love to go to beach around 7 am and just buy coffee to go and sit there and chill. Clean my mind and decide stuff what's bother me :)

trying to make it nice.!living with 3 boys makes it harder :) love every month buy little bit and make it more and more to my liking :-)

I am happy, not all the time but most of the time. I don't care what ppl thinks about me, as long my friends and family are happy. I don't need make up all the time, i am sofa girl time to time 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sick and tired of games

I don't know how rest of you, but I have enough of playing games. Seems like most of the ppl enjoy it. I have so many friends who playing that. Messages back and forwards with guy and nothing from it. I had it so many times, guy is all cute and awesome, promised whole world and after he chiken out, he is married or baby on the way. But fair play to them, they still straying to keep game up with saying like ,,she was mistake,, ,,you are the one,, etc.. But be honest.. Nothing from that is not true! They are bored, killing time or like excitement of something new. Girl usually hold to sweet words and hope. 
Few lucky one actually got fairy tail ending but not often. 
And when is some nice guy around we usually don't see it, cos we are so much into that ,,perfect,, boy.
So it's about time to change the game, or stop play it at all! 
And I got my part, was trusting and silly.. Only thing what those guys don't remember is .. They will just hurt that girl (or boy) and it's something what no one should aim for.

                 Xxx Kat xxX

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Relief and fear..

Last week I gave my notice from managent possition to casual.. Sounds crazy I know! But had health issues and was advice to take it seriously and have some time off "/
Really don't know how to do it, last 6 years I was working all the time, usually 60 hours per week and never even think about cut my hours down.. And now I will have loads of time!
I keep telling myself ,, yea that's good! You can have time for thigs what you always wanted to do,, such as reading, travel, finally paint hallway.. List is going on and on..BUT I never had that much time. What if I get too bored, I can be with less money that's not a problem. Don't wanna end up watching telly and sleep all day..(means ice cream and I will be big)
Plus most of my friends and family are relief I doing it! So it seems like good step..
Well seems like I will have loads of time for blogging now.. Least till my health get to normal :-)

             Xxx Kat xxX

Day trip to Salisbury

Finally I manage to have some trip.. And I keep promising to myself (and another ppl) I will go there and here for sure ;) well I would love to but I don't have much spare time! What I hope it will change soon as I going to work part time.
I fall in love with that city, really small and pretty. Seems like everyone is calm and smiling. 
And of course cathedral .. It's amazing, I will defo return there at some point. Start looking for bb accomondation anyways :)

I will defo go to travel more, thinking about oxford next time :)

                  Xxx Kat xxX