Saturday, 23 August 2014

2 in relationship, 2 native languages


Love is love end of the day, but ... if you ever dated foreign person, they you will understand 

We are together almost 5 years now. I don’t have problem to win verbal fight anymore, or express myself exactly how I want to. But I do still learn English, every day I trying to get little bit better.  He is sweet, kind guy.. but god help me sometimes. When he turn and say ,, it was that song when we was kids,, or something like that. My favorite is ,, come on! even kid know that,, He is English and I am Czech. I want to stay in Uk, I don’t planning to go back there, don’t take me wrong. I adore everything about England. But we would never be able to agree on Christmas ( sorry guys I grow up to have xmas different day), or we would hardly share our love/hate to stuff from when we were kids. All those differences have positives tho, I make him laugh when I telling him stories how I had it when I was little and opposite.. he is still fascinated by fact I was born to communism so loads of stuff wasn't around me.  ( oranges and bananas was rare-and I know it sound silly) BUT  I had different stuff what he never had. I would not change a thing as those experiences made me who I am now.

But blimey me, when we started to date :D that was hard, I cannot explain stuff, I had to ask what is that what is this.. he was angel seriously J  Language made me soo mad! During some minor argument I pronounced something wrong-ish and he start laugh or just stop with awww.. That’s made me even more angry J But we got here, living together, still happy ( well if we not arguing about some silly stuff like socks) and I could not imagine my life differently. I was so close to give up. I was unhappy, felt like I will never speak English.
Its funny to watch my mum and Jon, they don’t speak same language. But somehow they always manage to pass the message. Mum using pen and paper for drawing J and jon showing things. Its like messed up karaoke/ charades J  

7 years ago I would never think I will meet my other half ( don’t want say better as its not true ;) ) abroad. 

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