Saturday, 28 June 2014


am constantly let down by my expectation.. Doesn't matter if it's case of what will happen at work or how I think I would look, or question of well being in whole life picture :) 
I learn one thing and it's not to picture situation in my head. Becouse for 99% it will never happen. :) 
Over all I have amazing life, I am happy.. Not all the time and every minute but I am happy, laugh a lot and enjoy little things :)
Especially little things, I can see loads of ppl around me who follow they dreams and don't enjoy present right now :) it I look back, I can see I am happy and I always was. I had times when I was down, cry and felt like total and blonde.. But hey! Who doesn't :) 
So I decided not to put to much into expectation :) and surprise is I am more relaxed and having good time 

Being happy is actually easy :) whatever it's favourite film,song,food,place or moment with friends :) I am not regret if anything cos every moment, mistake or fail made me who am I right now :) 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Early morning,coffee and snacks

I had to woke up way to early today. Alarm clock at 5:15 it's killer. 
Only thing what I like at early mornings it's take away coffee and snacks :) I enjoy empty roads and no traffic. Today I end up at small coffee shop in Bournemouth. Lovely ppl and good coffee and nuts won me over. I will defo be soon back!
Well next time I will actually do my hair and make up.. Not just hide behind glasses ;) 

                Xxx Kat xxX

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Barry M Lipsticks

I am in love with Barry M! I have numerous lipsticks from them and every time when I buy a new one it's amazing :) 

First of all I love packaging.. Small, Matte black and freaking cute! It's easy to have it even in smallest handbag. 

They are smooth to use as well, easy to apply and last around 2 hours easily. Even on night out when I drink wine. 

Pigment of lipstick are in good quality. I cannot say bad thing about them at all! 
Well lipstick under £5 it's good bargain! Especially when I cannot say anything bad about it. I would definately suggest it to anyone who want to buy affordable make up treasure :) 

                  Xxx Kat xxX

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Waiting for money cos I need new things...

Every month, same story :) two days to go to wage. And I starting check online what I wanna buy and what they currently selling :) 
I do always see so much stuff what I want. But when Friday finally come I get into the shop and I don't like anything "/ 

This month I cannot wait as I need few new things, mainly beauty. Superdrugs is my saviour, especially about skin care as I do have problematic skin. Have to be careful what I using. This month I wanna try new body lotions and make up. I will defo go for month favourites like Mac. 
Another stop will be body shop! I could literally spend all my money there! I love all those smells, packaging and final effects. 
This time I will take pics during shopping as when I will have it home! Lately I read loads of blogs about beauty. Not just fashion how I used to :)

I need to invest more money into brushes as mine are old. Yea well tbh I more likely I want some ;) 

I am sure every girl have same issues when is be4 wage ;) 

               Xxx Kat xxX

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

English summer-end with excuses

Last 6 months I kept my hair do what they wanted.. No haircut or colour. With saying ,,summer coming ,, and it will be good have long natural hair. RIGHT we had like 3 days off summer in uk. I manage to burn mysel on beach, and I need haircut ASAP! 
But now trouble start- how to cut them? I love fringe but I am worried I will look like neighbour son. And my natural colour is not that glamorous like all the girls in magazines have! (More like that mouse colour ehhh Stuart was his name I think)
They are fizzy and they do what they want! Soo in 3 days wage is coming and I Have to do something.
I don't wanna end up to go there, say something like ,, I dunno, surprise me,? (I actually done it once :0 and I looked like main character from Pokemon ) was crying for weeks and hat was my best friend.
I love short bob tho.. And again.. I growing my hair for 2 years- do I wanna waste it?:D
I am honestly the worst girl when to come to decisions and usually having thousand excuses why not to or why it's not a good idea..

Pony tail again I guess..?! :D #stupid #sillygirl 

              Xxx kat xxX

Monday, 16 June 2014

Fashion loser who is scared of changes..?!

I don't know why but every year around this time I have urgent feelings like I have to change all my wardrobe, hairstyle basically my style full stop. Most of my friends are good in massive changes accept me. Too scared to cut my hair short ( I did it once and I looked like teenage boy be4 puberty). Clothes wise it's even worst :) telling to myself I will be more girly girl and actually buy summer bright clothes, what if I have really good day I will wear once otherwise I feel like Easter egg..
I would love to be able to adapt quick with fashion waves. I am one of the girls who start like stuff when it's out of fashion or it's far away from being ,,cool,,
Don't even let me start on heals! I am last girl who don't wear them until someone makes me to :) even that I can't feel my feet approximately after 5 minutes 😏

So ladies what is my problem? I am only one who is lost case in fashion world?:)

                 X x love kat xx