Friday, 15 August 2014

Small minded ppl

I am not sure if I am only one who has this problem but...! Recently I had conversation with someone who was very opinionated about everything! That it's just one way of how to do things, one way of thinking and anything outside this box it's simply wrong. 
It's drive me nuts! End of the day everyone is different and everybody have right to have opinion and have voice to say what is this and that. It's not correct to have just one way how to see world! 
My mum always told me, do not try to argue with someone who think that world is black and white! 
And I always do ;) 
Ppl have different needs and dreams, if you wanna have farm and 4 donkies and chicken, then fair play as long as you are happy!
So benefits of the doubt it's important! 
And becouse that person doesn't like this or prefer something else doesn't mean it's bad! It's fresh air, I always loved to meet original ppl who has passion for something, and doesn't matter what is it. I am not perfect, make mistakes and learn all the time! And no one should put anyone down cos of some rules what should be follow! 
Thumbs up to anybody who has dignity and no needs to be cruel and mean!

Hope all of you are good 

     Loads of love 
                 Xxx Kat xxX

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