Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Banksy, Coffee and decisions.. I need a advice

I had busy few weeks..job hunting, still working, dealing with family and my obsession with shopping is becoming way too much for 24 hours. But I did enjoy most of it. I finally getting in stages when I will decide what job I will take. And I have problem to choose. One is perfect-I love every aspect of it. Its like been paid for your hobby BUT paying is not that great and long hours. Or take good pay job with easy little boring job. 
Plus I start thinking I am seriously addicted to coffee. Found myself in little coffee shop and was happy to buy 16 different kinds of coffee. Not that happy when I was paying them off but they are worst it :)
I could easily stay in that arty coffee place. Its kind of the place where you will loose track of time, have a good book or chat with your friends. Service is nice and smooth and no screaming kids around ( no offence to them ) 
I visit little place where they selling art stuff, and I fall in love with one Canvas. Of course I had to have it. 
Well next week I have to do some more shopping (as my place is still in renovating progress) so how I know myself I will visit that arty place again. I will try not to forget pics.

I will have to loose those hearts and that middle pic, but I am pleased with those pics.

Loads of love 
Xxx Kat xxX

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