Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Its happen again. I said to myself to many not go shopping when you are hangover. I have weird habit that I just keep shopping without thinking. So yea did it AGAIN! :) 

Yea..keep telling to myself that half is from Primark so its not so bad ( well wasnt so cheap, its just me or they put their prices up?) But H&M was different story. Left there a lot, but I love everything :) 
The worst is I will have to go do some xmas shopping anyways, and I am just worried I will end up with huge pile of stuff for me. I cant resist.. seems like around xmas they have the best things out. Still wanna go back for couple more stuff. 
Still have little bit war with this server and how to upload pics. seems I cant do it from instagram ( or I am just really idiotic ) and only pics what I can copy here are crap ones :( If anyone have solution how to do it, please let me know.
I will do soon OOTD, I have loads of stuff, and just hope some of you have similar style like me. Always good to get some tips and tricks.
loads of love xxx

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I am lucky I guess...

Importance of being perfect...NOT!!!

I was today in H&M, and in changing room was ,,mother of the year,, with her daughter.. in few minutes I wasn't paying any attention to my clothes but was fully listening conversation what she saying to her daughter. That girl was around age 10, very pretty I would say. Her mother was telling her how she has to stop eating fast food otherwise she will not be size 6 anymore, and that she has to take care of herself, and never try to go out without make up.. i was little in shock. Everybody has time in the life when they finding them self and their style. I have it ( not very proud of mine 4 years wearing just black, and listening punk).. I think everyone get in the age when they will start more care about look, fashion, boys, make up..

I have to smile in that changing room when I was looking at my pile of clothes..most of it was pink, white, glittery.. I imagine myself 6 years back with my favorite sentence..,,I would never wear girly clothes,, well now I have two big wardrobes, little obsession with accessories, don't know even how many pairs of shoes I got. And still have feeling I have nothing to wear most of the time.

So I did end up buying loads of clothes...but I fall in love with bright pink jumper.

Have to thanks my mum for being patient with me...Had to be hard job sometimes.. I got there finally but I am very lucky for lovely childhood I guess :)


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How to start it will make any sense what so ever...well watching YouTube and reading blogs about 2 yrs now. Always was worried to start it myself mainly cos I am too ordinary, not really good in make up, or giving advice about lifestyle. I do eat unhealthy food, have lazy days and sometimes make up just staying in my bag. I am not funniest person in whole world, and mainly I am not English.. but who cares. If nothing else I can make people giggle cos of my English.. I will try to keep posting, most of it will be shopping, and my blabbering about day to day basic. I am not girl who will say..just make cuppa so will write about my excellent life.. more likely, i have glass of wine and make fun of my life..clumsy Kat can be easier my second name..or least nick name :)