Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I am lucky I guess...

Importance of being perfect...NOT!!!

I was today in H&M, and in changing room was ,,mother of the year,, with her daughter.. in few minutes I wasn't paying any attention to my clothes but was fully listening conversation what she saying to her daughter. That girl was around age 10, very pretty I would say. Her mother was telling her how she has to stop eating fast food otherwise she will not be size 6 anymore, and that she has to take care of herself, and never try to go out without make up.. i was little in shock. Everybody has time in the life when they finding them self and their style. I have it ( not very proud of mine 4 years wearing just black, and listening punk).. I think everyone get in the age when they will start more care about look, fashion, boys, make up..

I have to smile in that changing room when I was looking at my pile of clothes..most of it was pink, white, glittery.. I imagine myself 6 years back with my favorite sentence..,,I would never wear girly clothes,, well now I have two big wardrobes, little obsession with accessories, don't know even how many pairs of shoes I got. And still have feeling I have nothing to wear most of the time.

So I did end up buying loads of clothes...but I fall in love with bright pink jumper.

Have to thanks my mum for being patient with me...Had to be hard job sometimes.. I got there finally but I am very lucky for lovely childhood I guess :)