Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Its happen again. I said to myself to many not go shopping when you are hangover. I have weird habit that I just keep shopping without thinking. So yea did it AGAIN! :) 

Yea..keep telling to myself that half is from Primark so its not so bad ( well wasnt so cheap, its just me or they put their prices up?) But H&M was different story. Left there a lot, but I love everything :) 
The worst is I will have to go do some xmas shopping anyways, and I am just worried I will end up with huge pile of stuff for me. I cant resist.. seems like around xmas they have the best things out. Still wanna go back for couple more stuff. 
Still have little bit war with this server and how to upload pics. seems I cant do it from instagram ( or I am just really idiotic ) and only pics what I can copy here are crap ones :( If anyone have solution how to do it, please let me know.
I will do soon OOTD, I have loads of stuff, and just hope some of you have similar style like me. Always good to get some tips and tricks.
loads of love xxx

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