Wednesday, 26 March 2014

selfie matter

I got into this selfie pics a instagram is full of pics of me, and I will not lie myself..they are pretty bad :D but its fun, I don't use any Photoshop or have needs to have polish finish. I was reading one article lately about selfie pics. That lady wrote is totally wrong. I was little bit offended by that sentence. What is wrong about that? if its way how that person express himself/herself, and make that person happy! I don't find it wrong or annoying. I don't agree with negatives comment, if you don't like something, you will simply cancel follow or not read it.
I don't like bullies and think they are just simply insecure about their lives...

So what I wanted to say was that thumb up to everyone who is yourself and original! xxx
Here is some of mine embarrassing selfies ;)

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