Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How to start it will make any sense what so ever...well watching YouTube and reading blogs about 2 yrs now. Always was worried to start it myself mainly cos I am too ordinary, not really good in make up, or giving advice about lifestyle. I do eat unhealthy food, have lazy days and sometimes make up just staying in my bag. I am not funniest person in whole world, and mainly I am not English.. but who cares. If nothing else I can make people giggle cos of my English.. I will try to keep posting, most of it will be shopping, and my blabbering about day to day basic. I am not girl who will say..just make cuppa so will write about my excellent life.. more likely, i have glass of wine and make fun of my life..clumsy Kat can be easier my second name..or least nick name :) 

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