Sunday, 7 September 2014

new job, new life

I was extremely busy last two weeks. Got a new job and I had hard time to keep up with stuff.
Hate being new :DI don't know how things should be, asking all the time and I am the new one!! Everyone watching me with little suspicion in their eyes :) After two weeks still feeling like outsider but its getting better. I love that job, only minus about it its take  me hour to get there. Two hours journey per day isn't ideal :)

I trying to balance personal life with work but its soooo hard. Trying to fit friends and my other half. But he is busy as well so its not that hard. If I knew he is home I would be maybe little bit upset.
Plus cant wait for wage as I love new autumn collection in H&M and Primark. I will do separate post about haul. As I know myself I will buy a lot :)

Only thing what I cannot get used to it, is I have to wear skirt at work. I am not really heals girl, so its fun to try not look like idiot or fall over :)

Hope you all well and I will try to upload more often as I will have more time hopefully :)

Loads of love
Xxx Kat xxX

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