Saturday, 8 November 2014

yep I am lazy moo...:)

Hello all,

well I wasn't around much.. and its no explanation for it as me being lazy.So I will not even try to find some excuses :)
I just been a stalker. Checked all other ppl profiles, YouTube and have weird pleasure from it. Did like thousands notes with I wanna buy that, I will get this and that :) Its like imaginary shopping list. I do love this time tho..I like to wear hats and be all comfy. :) Everyone have to love Primark winter collection. Going there today. Just need more socks and I will end up with more clothes once again :)

Trust me I have to stop this autumn mood. Its not okay to snuggled up with blanket and be on my sofa most of the day :) Much as I like it I need to do something. I will blame Primark Pjs and blankets..they are soo freeky comfy... especially those fluffy ones :)

Well on other hand..i have new phone :) Iphone 6 and its my baby. Totally in love with it. I taking it with me everywhere :)

Finally bought naked pallet ( yes I am slowly in trend what I should have) :) and I have to admit its pretty amazing. So me saying ,,i don't need it,, year ago was again some my recession as I am being difficult :) 

I becoming slowly brunette... as I am way to lazy to get my ass to hairdresser..and I do actually like my ombre atm. I am naturally light brown so its not really aggressive and massive change. 
But I do like that all natural look. But who knows.. maybe I will change it soon 

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