Wednesday, 12 November 2014

SOMETIMES I want to kill my other half...

No seriously, what is wrong with guys? Theirs brains its not working how they should?Or I didn't cracked that mysterious code for theirs language?  Specifically my other half ( don't want to say better half )... time to time I think I live with teenager or even kid. Conversation about any serious topics are pain. He got stroppy, offensive and take everything what I say in wrong way.
Its so frustrating..usually I have to sort everything out anyways. He will be happy in the living room playing xbox.

When I ask him to do something.. I get answers ,,I was working all day, seriously? can we leave it when we are off?,,    and when he is off answer is ,, its my day off, come on,,
so what is left? holidays? 

Its just me who finds those creatures highly annoying sometimes? around me all girls are soooo positives, never moan about theirs bf or husband. All ideal...its some secret institutions where they sending theirs partners?? if yes give me address asap 

as in my relationship I wanna shake him sometimes! Its like tea bags.... English ppl just love their tea-fair enough. But I keep finding them around all kitchen just not in the bin. 
I working same amount of hours well maybe pattern of woman taking care of the house its not really great. Like equal partners its sharing..what is pain to explain. As word hoover is like swearing word.

I have to keep him some points, he cooking often, and clean kitchen ( accept those bloody tea bags) and if I ask he will do it. But do I have to ask every time?

Recently we went to visit lost and he was refusing to ask for direction. :D 

Yeah I guess its pretty clear I am little bit mad on my other half atm..but hey who is not ( obviously not my work colleagues) but I am sure out there have to be some girl who having same little problems like me :)

                                                                        Load of love 
                                                                        Xxx Kat xxX

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