Thursday, 27 November 2014


I don't know how rest of you, but November is month when I am really not in mood. First of all I have bday ( and getting older is not fun from age 25) secondary getting stroppy about xmas and presents. In few days I have to go to do my xmas tree looks like broom. So for once I will have xmas tree up by start of December.

But good points- I do love Christmas decoration, lights everywhere, candles and all festive stuff. Think mine will be up by this Sunday :) I will post some pics later on. But I am sure most of the bloggers will have same idea. Not saying my is special but I like it :)

Question is :ITS TOO EARLY TO FEEL FESTIVE? Thinking i have to look like idiot to slowly doing decor and everything for xmas. But come on...primark section for xmas is adorable. I have already like 3 sets of pjs, candles, some lights and another stuff. Still in bad next to my make up table.

Another thing...why they keep playing 10 Christmas songs in radio? I am sure we have many of them out there, but they choose just few selected ones and I getting really quickly annoyed by them. I know its hits etc but mix them up a little its a good idea no?

Don't take me wrong I do love xmas, I love that smell of food, mulled wine, watching xmas movies and all that. I am just feeling that I am only one who stress a little ;) But shopping for my other half is a nightmare. as his answer for everything is ,, its up to you babe,, or ,,surprise me,, what I hate most :) I will think about something like every year. Least my family give me wish list... I do always buy some little bits and bobs on site but main presents I know its something what they want :)

If anyone having idea for nice decorations and where to go please let me know

                                                            load of love
                                                           Xxx Kat xxX

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