Monday, 17 November 2014

I am not patience...

I have been in ikea recently. I love that place. Seriously i could spend hours there :) well usually I do as its no way I leaving without checking everything..and I mean everything ;)that's a fun bit-shopping. 
After coming part with getting home and building stuff. That's where I getting angry :) especially Ikea love theirs manuals. Last time I was building wardrobe I was really stroppy and childish :) ikea manuals are like instructions for ,,how to build something what is not possible to built,, they have loads of screws with description A,B,C etc and they look same ;) 
Well what I mean is I am not good in waiting or do stuff what are not easy to do. Every member of my family is so calm and easy with all this stuff. When I do it those particular pieces flying from window :) on other hand I am way too stubborn to ask for help :D so it's magic circle ;)
And sentences like chill out makes me more stroppy :) my other half learn to leave me alone when I do those particular stuff.. But again even when he offer he will do it I will not let him as I want to build it. With saying if this woman from my work done it-I will do it...And after hour or so screws flying from window or stairs and i going like idiot to pick them up :) I am not easy to live with if I think about it ;)
But i love that place.. Seriously I do. It's good thing that I don't have ikea close. Traveling hour is good distance for my bank account :) planning to go there before Xmas once again. When I stop complaining about this time and how I had to build something;)
                        Loads of love 
                         Xxx Kat xxX

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