Friday, 28 November 2014

little things makes you happy

That what my mum said when I was teenager and I didn't really take notice of it. Older I get more I agree. Last 5 years what I am in UK I learnt to appreciate simple stuff. When you are at strange place, with ppl who you don't really understand ( I had very basic English ) its hard to feel positive. First two weeks were nightmare. I remember I was at Tesco one day and lady behind that counter was really patience and helped me with smile and generally looks like she was happy to help. It was massive change for me.
I started appreciate things what was free and cost nothing. Like smile, nice behavior, and who ever tells me English ppl are boring I just shake my head. As they are not. They offer so much and strangely don't want anything in return. They were kind enough to accept me and help me. I cannot imagine better place for living as here. I love everything about it, but mainly people. Smile and being polite does not cost a penny but can make such a different in someone live. Trust me I know.

Of course I like to buy nice things but I know its just stuff. I have amazing friends here, who are like my second family. I met my boyfriend who was patience enough to help me with my English ( even if he saying he prefer time when I cannot win a argument ;) )

but mainly I am so blessed with what I have. I have amazing life...not saying perfect, nothing is. Plus perfect would be boring. I learning from my mistakes and I know if I have really shitty day ... tomorrow will be different.
Only thing what I do miss a lot is my family. I know my mum and dad are happy I am here and that I am happy.... but times like Christmas are difficult for me. Bitter sweet feelings.
Sooo If I make grammar mistakes and sometimes blabber about silly stuff, please forgive me. I learn every day and trying to be always better version of myself.

  loads of love 
Xxx Kat xxX

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