Monday, 15 December 2014

Bored..Broken ankle/wanna do YouTube

Me being clumsy and idiotic I managed to brake my ankle. Especially before xmas is not a great time to be stuck home. NOT FUN...all my friends going out and having amazing time.
I feeling like an sofa bug. Being lazy is okay for little bit but not for longer period of the time.

On positive site, I have loads of time to catch up on blogs, YouTube. I have been thinking if I should start do vids but feel like I am not even close to be ready. I am worried about comments and people being be real-loads of them are. And I am not professional or anything close. i just like to blabber about my thoughts.
I wanted to do Primark Haul some time back but wasn't sure if its okay. I did record that vid and everything. Its just wasn't really great. Not next to other girls.

Well maybe I will do it one day. Who knows. True is its really makes me wonder and wanted to try it :)
What about you all? Hope your xmas being better as mine... tho sofa isn't that bad all the time :D

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