Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Relief and fear..

Last week I gave my notice from managent possition to casual.. Sounds crazy I know! But had health issues and was advice to take it seriously and have some time off "/
Really don't know how to do it, last 6 years I was working all the time, usually 60 hours per week and never even think about cut my hours down.. And now I will have loads of time!
I keep telling myself ,, yea that's good! You can have time for thigs what you always wanted to do,, such as reading, travel, finally paint hallway.. List is going on and on..BUT I never had that much time. What if I get too bored, I can be with less money that's not a problem. Don't wanna end up watching telly and sleep all day..(means ice cream and I will be big)
Plus most of my friends and family are relief I doing it! So it seems like good step..
Well seems like I will have loads of time for blogging now.. Least till my health get to normal :-)

             Xxx Kat xxX

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