Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sick and tired of games

I don't know how rest of you, but I have enough of playing games. Seems like most of the ppl enjoy it. I have so many friends who playing that. Messages back and forwards with guy and nothing from it. I had it so many times, guy is all cute and awesome, promised whole world and after he chiken out, he is married or baby on the way. But fair play to them, they still straying to keep game up with saying like ,,she was mistake,, ,,you are the one,, etc.. But be honest.. Nothing from that is not true! They are bored, killing time or like excitement of something new. Girl usually hold to sweet words and hope. 
Few lucky one actually got fairy tail ending but not often. 
And when is some nice guy around we usually don't see it, cos we are so much into that ,,perfect,, boy.
So it's about time to change the game, or stop play it at all! 
And I got my part, was trusting and silly.. Only thing what those guys don't remember is .. They will just hurt that girl (or boy) and it's something what no one should aim for.

                 Xxx Kat xxX

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