Saturday, 26 April 2014

where everyone takes time for blogging?

I feel I am total loser with blogging..I just simply don't have time to do anything else as work, house work and in middle of this I have to find time for my other half and socializing with my friends. And I am exhausted... Maybe is cos my job is odd with working hours ( i dont work monday to friday) or cos my time management is rubbish. But I do want to post often. I have loads of idea what I wanna write about or what I wanna share.

Last week I had one day off and frankly I had just time to do stuff what I had to do. Plus I keep going back and forward to dentist-what is NOT fun at all :)

So if anyone have any ideas or little help how to manage my time, please let me know.
I was thinking to start posting on my iphone, i actually manage to upload that app and have it up and running. Now is time to start do something. :) I love loads of tags here and I always manage to read some articles.

Recently I was reading article how much blogger should say about his/hers personal life. It was mixtures of reactions under. I don't understand why some ppl have needs to keep saying bad things about others. If you don't like something, you would simply not follow that certain blog. And to be brutally honest I am slightly weird cos I like those little personal information about ppl. That is whole point of blog no? To share ideas and talk about stuff what we like, or what somehow interest us. Well again what I know, I can say something when I will do my blog regularly and keep it updated.

So please if anyone have any tips about this I would be really happy to heard them :)

                                                                       Loads of love   Kat xx

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