Monday, 7 April 2014

Fall in love with UK and English ppl

Morning :)

I do live in Uk almost 5 years, Its time that I start thinking about applying for British citizen. When I checked government website I was close to give up, its loads of paper works and legal inquiries. But I guess have to be done like that. Otherwise everyone will wants become ,, legally English,,.

I was thinking if its necessary to do that and if i wanna stay here for ,, rest of my life,, . For my surprise I realize I love England too much to even consider to move back. Don't take me wrong I like my country and I have great memories, but I am used to live here. English ppl are nice, kind and have certain level of standard. Only thing what make it harder is my family and friends back home. I wish I would be able to just pop to my mum house to see her. Its weird how much this little thing means to me here, where I don't take it for granted.  

I feel like home here, I still have days that I don't know certain words, but trying to improve my English every day ( especially in the morning I keep talking mixture of 3 languages, if you wake me up) :)
I cant imagine to live anywhere else as here. Well maybe I would give a go with different town but seems silly, I manage to get good job and I have few great friends here. To be honest starting here was hard, I didnt know anyone, cannot speak ( well I had really broke English) and spend loads of nights just crying. I was basically down. Its change in month or two, I did met ppl who was nice to me and helped me through :)

I would love to know someone else experience with living abroad. If anyone knows someone blog or post about it please let me know. :)

Found this on my from first 3 months when I was in UK.. I will try to find out more 

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