Friday, 11 April 2014

Common Girl Tag

I recently saw this tag in few blogs. :) Seems like fun thing to do, planning to do few more but have to charge my camera. So in time being here we go :

1. Favorite Starbucks drink?
That would be definitely  hazelnut macchiato. I have it every day be4 work :) yea slightly coffee addicted :)

2. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I always get up one hour before I have to leave. So you can say its take me hour. But I have my coffee, watch bbc news and do my make up and hair in mean time. When I have off day, well I don't do so much with myself, I can go walk my dog without make up :)

3. How many selfies do you take on a daily basis?
This question makes me giggle. I don't do many of them tbh. But if I have to say number, I would say around 5 per week? not on daily basic.

4. How many IG followers and pics do you have?
I have 83 followers and have 339 posts :) I do love instagram, fun place to be

5. Do you ever say "LOL" or "OMG" out loud?
I have to confess I do use them a lot .. now I have to look like some crazy moo

6. Do you wear the same clothing item more than once?
ha ha, yea defo I do, I have favorite items in my wardrobe what I wear to dead. I like to change styles, so for me is all about basic and loads of accessories and scarfs.

7. Are you racist? 

8. How many tweets do you have?
oki so tweets 1837 and followers 81

9. Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr?
love Instagram and Twitter...dont use tumblr

10. What do you spend most of your time doing?
If I dont work, I usually just chill with friends or bf. Go out for lunch, shopping ( what is always together anyways) and have glass of wine in the evening. And more likely watch some movie with my other half. Candles, wine, good movie and homemade food. :)

11. Who are your favorite youtubers?
Tanya Burr, Zoella, Pixiwoo, Shirley B. Eniang ... I have loads of favorites ones..hard to say who is best. 

12. How often do you do your nails?
On daily basic if I have to. Normally once in 3 days. I really thinking about gel nails again. I spend to much time to maintenance mine :) But I think nice hands its a basic.

13. Are you a shopaholic?
hmmm hard to say, I can go months without shopping clothes or make up. But I do invest in home stuff instead. But normal basic month i always buy loads of stuff. Can be without them easily.I think biggest killer for my good credit card balance is primark. Have it next to my home and is always seems like bargain! not :D Or it can be, but I never buy just one thing :)

14. How many times have you watched Mean Girls?
never..this is only one show what i never was interested in. But I am one of the ppl when is too much talk about something I don't buy it, or watch it..I will wait for while and after catch up with everything.. I know I am weird :D 

15. Do you own a lot of clothes?
hell yea :) I always think I have nothing to wear, and when I actually bother to look into my stuff I always find something with saying ,, aaa I forgot I have this,, :D

16. Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it?
Not always but I do. Especially with my job its normal thing to do :)

17. Do you wear makeup everyday?
If I have lazy day home, I just clean my skin and use cream, but otherwise I let my skin and hair rest for day :)

18. What are your average grades in school?
Well its been a while, But I had A on collage and B in uni 

19. How do you usually style your hair?
On my days off I wear them down without to much doing to them. When I working I have to have hair up, so usually messy bun :)

20. Do you always look presentable?
ha ha ha, nope! I defo have days when I should stay in bed :) When I am home I wearing hello kitty and some odd shirt :) Show me one person who looks always presentable :)

So here we are, thats all questions :) hope you guys liked it :)

                                                              Loads of love Kat xxx

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