Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Short Trip /shopping problems

I have love and hate relationship with London. Sound weird I know. I have months when I adore it, and blabber about I want to live there, and another when I am quite glad I am back in my town. But Autumn is season when I love London. Its not too hot, not too many tourist ( Hate when they slow me down). Its easier to get everywhere. And its just something about this season what I find very attractive.
Fashion is one of it, comfy jumper, with jeans and warm shoes. Nothing better as snuggle up yourself in the warm clothing. Plus HATS <3 I discover them recently, and I am addicted :) I never thought they would suit me, but they weirly do :)
I been in London just for few days this time. But like most of the girls I had to have luggage as I have way too many things what I need for sleeping over. Older I get, more stuff I need.

Its not cheapest destination to be. Although if you know where to go its okay. I am glad that Trivago exist, as they do have great offers, I been in the Marble Arch location what is the ideal for me. Everything is close. Especially morning coffee, usually I have take away and go to sit in the park but been windy and I don't fancy to get cold. Rudolf nose isn't a great look for me.  I never start day without coffee.. its just something what I do need to function normally. ( That include talking) My friends knows not to talk with me before I have least one sip. They learn pretty quick never ever touch my cup :) I love them and share everything accept my beloved morning coffee :) I like my coffee black, strong and without sugar..not many my friends like it this way. They usually going for some milky version with shot of something ( Meaning flavor, not alcohol )

And frankly I been there mostly to do shopping. Summer is over and I need new wardrobe - well don't need it, just want it. Lets be honest :) Plus me and my friend having annoying habit to support each other into buying things. Always very supportive with decision if to buy this or that..even I have exact same thing in the different color :)
Sometimes I find myself buying thing what I love, but know its not really for me, and that I WILL WEAR  IT APPROXIMATELY NEVER :D But  I buy it.. not sure why I do that. I usually tell myself something like ,,you need to step outside your comfort zone, this piece is a great start,,
Hope I am not the only one who does that :)
I always go to Soho, and always having sushi, If i could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner I would be happy. I have it often home, but lets be real - they make it 100% better as me. Mine look like art project of 9 years old child. Its taste good tho. So I guess I would just not share how my looks like :)

Next time when I will be there, I want to find more funky places for coffee or evening wine. I usually going to obvious places. Its okay but its about the time I will try to find something new :) If anyone have some suggestion, please let me know. As I will be going there again next month. Least I hope so, end of the day its just 2 hours drive from where I live. Who knows maybe one day I will move there. London would suit me ;)

Next time I will try to take more pictures as I usually forget :) Going for holiday this Saturday so hopefully I will do post regularly and make loads of pictures. Its depends on wifi connection there. I am lost without 4g :)
                                                            Xxx Kat xxX

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