Monday, 5 October 2015

Espresso Kitchen - Love for first time

I discovered absolutely adorable coffee place. Well after last one year I decided step out of mine comfort zone. So did I. I usually don't like changes, so start trying new things, places..been scary for me. Same as fact go alone for coffee just with book. But you know what? It have been pleasant experience :)

Espresso Kitchen - Is a small coffee place in the center of Bournemouth. I walking around this place quite often.. but never went inside. Its adorable little place, full of different aspects of art, random things, smell of homemade cakes..mainly have that atmosphere what is hard to find. And its pretty AMAZING coffee. What pointing fact that Starbucks is opposite and Costa and Cafe Nero are just on the corner. But still I will not go anywhere else again. 

You Have to admit its cute, I am surprise I wasn't there sooner as now, but better late as never.
Inside interior is unique. You can see someone take care of that place with passion and love. Fact what made me laugh was wifi password... just check mirror :) How I said Starbucks is just around the corner .
Another facts what I loved was they had little book selection what you can check there ( not take ;). And I fall in love with one. Its funny, little different, same as this small charming cafe. I will definitely come again soon and order this book :)

 If anyone have any suggestions for nice cafe around Dorset or London let me know. :) I will be more as excited to try them out.

Xxx Kat xxX

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