Monday, 5 October 2015


Well when I have been teenager I was thinking in my late twenties I will have my life sorted out! Well that was a mistake. 

Just went off the phone with my sister ( she is actually few years older as me, just saying) and we had similar conversation like 12 years ago.. Accept swap tea (back then) for wine (DEFINITELY NOW). Other as that NOTHING CHANGED! we still talking about guys, what they think and why they do this or that. And that question still reminds!!!
,,DOES HE LIKES ME?,, Age or where you are in your life-doesn’t freaking matter. You still having same questions.. ,, why I am not good enough for him,, ,, what I have done wrong,, ,,WHY HE DOESN’T LIKE ME,, ???
Seems like never ending story. So for me, Prince Charming doesn’t exist! I met my share of ugly, slimy frogs! And kissing them was least of the problem ..
And If I met someone who I did like and been excited about it..well I been taken like a friend ( f..k that) or he wasn't ready to settle down or for anything serious. ( ehm, seriously dude?)

My sis asked me..What if he is The One. I really really like him.. What I should do? Pffff honestly I have no idea.. Especially if it’s someone who you love and you know that other person doesn’t have it same way. Its just hard to admit it I guess. Once when you see it, you will move on ( or literally move on to someone else ) Well so like past 10 year (yes I am 28) we will end up with bottle of wine and saying he is a son of …. and not worth it ( what is denial, come on we liked him in first place )

Bridget Jones is start looking like our life story. So stop shaking the asshole tree and expect Prince Charming to fall down.. Not gonna happen.
I will just buy a cat! or wine... ;)

                                                                Xxx Kat xxX

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