Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Waiting for money cos I need new things...

Every month, same story :) two days to go to wage. And I starting check online what I wanna buy and what they currently selling :) 
I do always see so much stuff what I want. But when Friday finally come I get into the shop and I don't like anything "/ 

This month I cannot wait as I need few new things, mainly beauty. Superdrugs is my saviour, especially about skin care as I do have problematic skin. Have to be careful what I using. This month I wanna try new body lotions and make up. I will defo go for month favourites like Mac. 
Another stop will be body shop! I could literally spend all my money there! I love all those smells, packaging and final effects. 
This time I will take pics during shopping as when I will have it home! Lately I read loads of blogs about beauty. Not just fashion how I used to :)

I need to invest more money into brushes as mine are old. Yea well tbh I more likely I want some ;) 

I am sure every girl have same issues when is be4 wage ;) 

               Xxx Kat xxX

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