Tuesday, 17 June 2014

English summer-end with excuses

Last 6 months I kept my hair do what they wanted.. No haircut or colour. With saying ,,summer coming ,, and it will be good have long natural hair. RIGHT we had like 3 days off summer in uk. I manage to burn mysel on beach, and I need haircut ASAP! 
But now trouble start- how to cut them? I love fringe but I am worried I will look like neighbour son. And my natural colour is not that glamorous like all the girls in magazines have! (More like that mouse colour ehhh Stuart was his name I think)
They are fizzy and they do what they want! Soo in 3 days wage is coming and I Have to do something.
I don't wanna end up to go there, say something like ,, I dunno, surprise me,? (I actually done it once :0 and I looked like main character from Pokemon ) was crying for weeks and hat was my best friend.
I love short bob tho.. And again.. I growing my hair for 2 years- do I wanna waste it?:D
I am honestly the worst girl when to come to decisions and usually having thousand excuses why not to or why it's not a good idea..

Pony tail again I guess..?! :D #stupid #sillygirl 

              Xxx kat xxX

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