Monday, 16 June 2014

Fashion loser who is scared of changes..?!

I don't know why but every year around this time I have urgent feelings like I have to change all my wardrobe, hairstyle basically my style full stop. Most of my friends are good in massive changes accept me. Too scared to cut my hair short ( I did it once and I looked like teenage boy be4 puberty). Clothes wise it's even worst :) telling to myself I will be more girly girl and actually buy summer bright clothes, what if I have really good day I will wear once otherwise I feel like Easter egg..
I would love to be able to adapt quick with fashion waves. I am one of the girls who start like stuff when it's out of fashion or it's far away from being ,,cool,,
Don't even let me start on heals! I am last girl who don't wear them until someone makes me to :) even that I can't feel my feet approximately after 5 minutes 😏

So ladies what is my problem? I am only one who is lost case in fashion world?:)

                 X x love kat xx

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