Saturday, 28 June 2014


am constantly let down by my expectation.. Doesn't matter if it's case of what will happen at work or how I think I would look, or question of well being in whole life picture :) 
I learn one thing and it's not to picture situation in my head. Becouse for 99% it will never happen. :) 
Over all I have amazing life, I am happy.. Not all the time and every minute but I am happy, laugh a lot and enjoy little things :)
Especially little things, I can see loads of ppl around me who follow they dreams and don't enjoy present right now :) it I look back, I can see I am happy and I always was. I had times when I was down, cry and felt like total and blonde.. But hey! Who doesn't :) 
So I decided not to put to much into expectation :) and surprise is I am more relaxed and having good time 

Being happy is actually easy :) whatever it's favourite film,song,food,place or moment with friends :) I am not regret if anything cos every moment, mistake or fail made me who am I right now :) 

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